Bare Knuckle Beard Oil


Please Welcome Bare Knuckel Beard Oil to the ring! Yes we know Knuckel is spelled ‘le” but we are punk rock and we like to be different. So don’t let the spelling fool you, this beard oil packs an invigorating punch. With the smooth uplifting scent of  orange and peppermint oils this will surely wake you up while keeping your man whiskers tamed. We suggest using twice a day, but that is just a suggestion and we want you to do you! Packed in a 1 ounce amber dripper bottle, sealed and ready to go.

Application: Add four or five drops into your hand, rub it around and then brush it into your beard using your fingers. Make sure the oil penetrates to the base of the hair and than take that awesome comb and brush it through removing any tangles.

Ingredients: Jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, fractionated coconut oil, orange oil and peppermint oil.

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